SBL Tabacum 200

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Ringing in ear, vertigo, nausea, varicocele, convulsions, coldness

SBL Tabacum 200

Tincture of the fresh leaves collected before the flowers are developed.

Common Name: Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco.

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Tabacum 200

  • Vomiting, icy coldness, and sweat, with the intermittent pulse
  • Complete prostration of the entire muscular system.
  • Constriction of throat, chest, bladder, rectum.

Mind and Head

Brain-fag, inability to concentrate thoughts, anguish, dislike to labor and conversation is an indication of Tobacco.

Excessive vertigo, mental faculties much impaired. Silly talk, cannot stop, loss of memory.

Vertigo, which often produces loss of consciousness, is relieved with Tobacco.

Headache from one temple to the other, involving orbits indicates Tabacum.

Eyes, ear, nose

Smarting in eyes, Sudden failure of vision is relieved with Tabacum.

Drumming in the ears, white tongue, epigastric sinking, alternating with nausea and flatulence

Jerking tearing in right ear, ringing, roaring, rushing, humming in ears, worse by loud noise or going into open air

Dryness and obstruction of nose.

Mouth and Throat

Lancinating pains in maxillary joint, when laughing is an indication of Tabacum.

Throbbing or jumping pains in teeth. Tongue feels swollen.

Accumulation of white, tenacious mucus in mouth and throat, is relieved with tobacco.

Redness of fauces in the throat.

Stomach and abdomen

The local application over the pit of the stomach relieves nausea.

Sinking feeling at pit of stomach. Constant hunger, with nausea, violent vomiting.

sea-sickness with heat along spine from nape down, cold sweat, then vomit.

coldness of the abdomen, Violent burning in abdomen, horrible pain.

Stool and Anus

Violent pain in small of back during soft stool, chronic constipation, great pain.

Urinary complaints

Inflammation of the orifice of the urethra.

Renal colic, violent pains along ureters with nausea.

Male complaints


Female complaints

In climacteric period, also during menses,coldness, epigastric sinking, muscular relaxation.


Rigid joints, shootings and drawing in shoulders.  Emaciation of the back.

Cramps and tingling in fingers. Swelling of fingers. Cramps in the arms and hands.


Pimples on cheeks, wings of nose, and corners of mouth.

Itching over the whole body, face and hands covered with freckles in summer indicate Tobacco.


Relaxation and constriction are seen in the weakness and paralysis on the one hand

Nervous tremors, faintings, cramps, jerkings, and restlessness are noted in Tabacum.

Cough, with hiccough, Itching pimples on chest. Tingling, crawling, from knee to toes.

Throbbing in sacral region, evening.

Side effects of SBL Tabacum 200

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.

It is safe to take the medicine even if you are on other mode of medication like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic etc.

Homeopathic medicines never interfere with the action of other medicines.

Dosage and rules while taking SBL Tabacum 200

Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Precautions while taking SBL Tabacum 200

Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use.

Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication.

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions. We recommend consulting your physician before purchasing this medicine and abstain from self medication.

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