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Natrum Muriaticum: Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is prepared from Common Salt (Sodium chloride, NaCl). With the process of trituration, the hidden medicinal properties of common salt are raised and converted into a brilliant homeopathic medicine having a very wide sphere of action. It is one of Schuessler’s twelve tissue remedies. As a homeopathic remedy, it is mainly used to treat depression, nasal allergies, migraine, headaches, skin complaints and female disorders.

Natrum Mur

Natrum Muriaticum 30 Uses

Natrum Mur is suited to anaemic, chlorotic, thin and cachectic people. Tuberculous, scrofulous, and dropsical diathesis call for its use. It is also adapted to those who suffer from complaints arising consequent to loss of animal fluids. The Natrum Mur people are emaciated and lose flesh even while eating well. Along with emaciation, they suffer from great debility, nervous prostration, nervous irritability and also have great liability to catch a cold. Their skin is pale, and waxy, and looks as if greased. They are reserved, introverted, nervous personalities and have a highly sensitive nature.

Natrum Muriaticum 200 Uses

Natrum Mur is a deep-acting medicine with a wide sphere of action. Its action is mainly marked on the mind, nose, head, eyes, scalp, female genitals and skin. It offers acts on the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates digestion and secretion of gastric juice. It also has a marked action on the nasal mucus membrane. As per Schussler,  salt is excreted through the mucus. So he says that this must be the remedy for all catarrhs. Further, it acts upon the sebaceous glands and treats oily skin, particularly the face and scalp. Apart from the above, it also has a major effect on blood and helps to increase RBCs and treat anaemia.

Natrum Muriaticum 30c

Natrum Mur has a wide range of uses, the major among them being depression, ailments from grief, nasal allergies, migraine headache, weak eyesight, hair fall, dandruff, menstrual irregularities, vaginal discharge, genital herpes, dyspareunia, eczema and urticaria.

Natrum Muriaticum Benefits

1. For Depression 

Grief, depression, melancholy, gloominess, sadness, weeping, anxiety, and irritability are all the keywords pointing towards the use of Natrum Mur.

This remedy possesses a great potential to treat cases of depression. People who need this experience sadness with much weeping that gets worse from consolation. They also prefer to be alone. The tendency to dwell on past unpleasant memories predominates. Aversion to work both mentally and physically attends. They are hopeless about the future. Anxiety, irritability, restlessness, and indifferent behaviour also accompany it. They tend to get easily offended too. Along with sadness, anxiety, palpitations and fluttering of the heart are also there. Absent-mindedness with difficulty in thinking also prevails among them. A thought that some misfortune is about to happen predominates. Sleeplessness that arises from depression is also treated well with this medicine, as are ailments arising from grief, disappointed love, suppressed emotions, anger, vexation, mortification, reserved displeasure and fright. Postpartum depression and premenstrual syndrome with depressed feelings also indicate the use of Natrum Mur.

2. Nasal Complaints 

The use of this remedy in colds has been considered since ancient times. In old-school practice, it was used in solution as a douche or spray in cases of nasal catarrh. In homeopathy, it proves beneficial for people who tend to take a cold easily. The results shown by this medicine in cases of allergic rhinitis ‘hay fever’ are remarkable. Here sneezing, and watery discharge from the nose and eyes is present. Sometimes the nasal discharge is clear and white. The nose may be stuffy too with the difficulty of breathing through the nose. In some cases, fluent coryza alternates with the stoppage of the nose. Burning and soreness in the nose may occur above. The patient may also have a loss of smell and taste with catarrh.

3. For Migraine and Headache

It is a top-listed medicine to treat migraine headaches. Sun headache from sunrise to sunset is a perfect indication, where the headache is intense with sensation as if it would burst. The head also feels congested by blood. Along with a headache, disturbed vision and photophobia may accompany. Sometimes headache is preceded by zig-zag dazzling in eyes, like lightning. A very characteristic headache where a person feels as if a thousand little hammers are knocking on the brain is also a very peculiar indication. Other indications are headaches from errors of refraction and eye strain and a headache during or before the menstrual cycle in females.

4. For Eye Complaints

This remedy helps treat several eye complaints, primarily myopia (near-sightedness) and weak eyesight. It is useful for treating cases of double vision (diplopia), floaters including black specks, streaks of light and sparks before the eyes. It also works for treating incipient cataracts and preserves the transparency of tissues of the lens of the eye.

5. For Scalp Complaints

The use of this remedy is highly recommended in scalp complaints including hair fall and dandruff. The hair fall is abundant. Even touching the scalp leads to hair fall. It is also indicated for dry hair, in cases of dandruff where the flakes are white, and for humid eruptions on the scalp. The eruptions discharge gluey matter that results in the matting of the hair and also loss of hair. Apart from the above, Natrum Mur is a significant remedy to treat itching over the scalp.

6. For Female Disorders

As a medicine, it has a very wide range of action over female genital organs, mainly for treating vaginal discharges (leucorrhea) in females. The leucorrhea discharge is very profuse, white or greenish and acrid. The discharge causes itching and smarting pain in the vagina. Before discharge, colic and bearing-down sensation may appear. Leucorrhea is attended with excessive debility in most of the cases.

It is also a prominent remedy to regularise the menstrual cycle. In addition to this, it is indicated for treating sterility in females.

It is also an excellent remedy for treating symptoms of sadness, anxiety and irritability that appear before menses. Suppressed menses especially from grief also call for its use.

Women who have complaints of painful sex (dyspareunia) and low sex drive also benefit from this medicine. They mainly have attending dryness of the vagina with the above complaint. Burning and smarting pain in the vagina also may be felt during intercourse.

Many post-partum complaints including prolonged, copious white lochia, complaints of hair fall from the scalp & genitals and decreased lactation also call for the need for this medicine.

7. For Skin Complaints

It is frequently used to treat several skin conditions fever blisters, urticaria, genital herpes, eczema, and warts (on palms of hand) being the main ones. The remedy has also proven to be very helpful in treating eczema and is mainly useful for dry eczema where the skin is dry, raw, red and inflamed.

Next, its use is highly considered in cases of urticaria with large red blotches that cover the whole body. Marked itching and burning in blotches are there. Urticaria mainly follows violent exercise.

It also treats fever blisters/cold sores where the vesicles are filled with watery contents and they appear like pearls about the lips.

The remedy also yields good results in case of eruptions that appear in the bend of the limbs, around the borders of the hair and behind the ears. Apart from these, it helps treat genital herpes (in both males and females), acne, comedones, sunburns, dry and chapped skin, hangnails, and warts specifically on the palms of hands.

8. For Anaemia

It is a significant homeopathic medicine to treat anaemia. Persons needing it have a pale look, with blue circles around the eyes. They suffer from great exhaustion arising from little exertion and seem emaciated.

9. For Rectal Complaints

When it comes to the rectum, this is a highly powerful medicine to treat constipation in cases where the stool is dry, hard,  and crumbling. It may also be like sheep dung. The stool is unsatisfactory and passes with much difficulty and many times with tearing and shooting in the rectum and anus. Another notable complaint to make use of Natrum Mur is burning in the anus and rectum both during and after stool.

Natrum Muriaticum Dosage 

Natrum Mur is used in both low and high potencies. In acute complaints, it can be used in low potency frequently while in chronic cases use of high potencies in infrequent doses is recommended.

Side Effects of Natrum Muriaticum

This remedy is a chronic of Ignatia in the mental sphere, while complementary medicines are Apis and Sepia.

It is followed well by Sepia and Thuja and the antidote medicines to it are Arsenic Album, Nux Vomica and Phosphorus.

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FAQ about Natrum Muriaticum

What is Natrum Muriaticum?

Natrum Muriaticum, also known as Natrum Mur, is derived from a common salt. It is one of the 12 biochemic medicines in homeopathy.

What is Natrum Mur used for?

Natrum Mur is to be used to treat depression, nasal allergies, migraine, headaches, skin complaints and female disorders.

Is Natrum Mur safe?

Yes, Natrum Mur is a natural medicine, made from common salt and it is 100% safe.

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